The City of Douz

The city of Douz is a small town in south-central Tunisia. Considered as ‘the Gateway to the Sahara’. Administratively attached to the governorate of Kebili, it is located 488 kilometers from Tunis. It constitutes a municipality of 30,245 inhabitants (in 2014). Its inhabitants are essentially ‘Mrazig’ who, according to tradition, are Arab immigrants from the tribe of Banu Sulaym who arrived in Tunisia in the 13th century.

Vast oasis, guardian of the Grand Erg. Douz, like Sabria and El-Faouar, and a very old market place where the sedentary and nomads of the region gathered. Rallying point for the ‘Mrazig’ nomads, it has become one of the major tourist centers of southern Tunisia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the town consisted of only a few buildings surrounded by tents. The nomads stayed in Douz during the hot months, leaving the dromedaries in search of their water point. As soon as the hot weather ended, they set sail again, pushing their animals towards the winter pastures.

Since the dawn of time, here man’s best friend has been the dromedary. This quadruped (a single hump) is indefatigable, it has a great capacity to adapt to move and transport goods in hostile environments impossible to cross by other mammals.

In winter, camels can go for months without drinking. When they find water, they can quietly drink 135 liters of water in 10 minutes. To get an idea of the different breeds of dromedary and witness fierce negotiations, in Douz there is an animal souk that is worth a visit.

Just like the weekly market on Thursday morning, where they sell handicrafts: Berber jewelry, beautiful carpets and shoes made of camel or goat leather, woven with colorful patterns on top of the Douz emblem, very comfortable. It is also there that you can buy for a reasonable price the famous ‘burnous’ made of sheep’s wool, it is a rather heavy cape, embellished with a hood. The ‘burnous’ is made only by women, its preparation lasts about a month.

The Douz Sahara Festival is the most famous festival celebrating Saharan and nomadic culture at the international level (since 1967). Its main theme is the celebration of the heritage of the Arab-Berber tribe of ‘Mrazig’. Its fame goes beyond borders, and friendly countries take part in the show (Algeria, Libya, Egypt…), in order to also present their music and traditional dance. It is an annual event that animates the winter period and that we advise you to experience at least once in your life.

Douz is a dream destination for tourists wishing to discover the desert, either by camel or four-wheel drive. The city offers its tourists a multitude of hotels, ideal for spending an original holiday combining escape and relaxation. The inhabitants of Douz are known for their hospitality and their great generosity.

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La ville de douz

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Douz is the place where you won’t get bored! Between its hikes, its dunes and its museum, we have enough for a week. Discover with us the essentials of Douz.

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In Douz, the choice of accommodation is so vast that it can meet all needs and all tastes! Between hotels, guest houses and vacation rentals you are spoiled for choice.

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