Excursions à Douz

Excursions in Douz are numerous and interesting for discovering the desert and its oases.

Douz, the most significant oasis in the region, is primarily known as the gateway to the Sahara. Located in the Kébili Governorate, it is 488 km away from Tunis and 250 km from Djerba. Its inhabitants are mostly Mrazig, Arab immigrants from the Banu Sulaym tribe who arrived in Tunisia in the 13th century.

History as an important caravan stop

Douz has long been an important resting place for caravans on their journeys between the Sahara and northern Tunisia.

Explore the desert dunes and magnificent oases

Today, Douz attracts many tourists who want to visit the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental. The charming town is situated in the Nefzaoua region on the southeastern shore of Chott el-Jérid. Its oases are beautiful, and the souk (market) held every Thursday morning is very charming.

Embark on camel treks and 4×4 excursions

Douz is the starting point for camel treks, camel tours, and 4×4 excursions through the dunes to the hot springs in the Erg. Choose the excursion that appeals to you the most and enjoy a private tour at your own pace, away from the large tourist buses.

Accompanied by certified guides

For all excursions from Douz, you will be accompanied by a driver and a certified guide from the Tunisian Tourism Office. The excursions are offered by Tunisian travel agencies approved by the Tourism Office and can also be booked through online activity guides such as GetYourGuide and Viator!

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