Archaeological Sites of Tunisia | List of archaeologiques Sites in Tunisia

Archaeological sites of Tunisia

Archaeological sites of Tunisia are in majority listed as Unesco World Heritage : Thanks to its Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Byzantine and European heritage.

Tunisia is full of marvelous historical sites, ruins and remains dating from Antiquity. These sites are located in the four corners of the country.

They are testimonies of history and make Tunisia the ideal destination for combining holidays and discovery.

In addition to the sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, Tunisia maintained a list of provisional sites that could be proposed. Nominations for the World Heritage List are only accepted if the site was previously on the provisional list. In 2017, Tunisia inscribed thirteen properties on its tentative list.

Lovers of discovery and culture tours, will discover a country that hides in its lands the most beautiful ancient treasures.

Tunisia, a North African country with 3000 years of history in the Mediterranean, where many civilizations have succeeded each other; from indigenous Amazigh (Berbers) followed by Phoenicians who founded Carthage then the Romans who occupied Tunisia for more than 800 years until the Muslims came around the year 697. All these civilizations have left behind very rich and diverse architectural legacies as a witness of its vast history.

Full of wonderful remains and ruins dating back to ancient times, several Tunisian archaeological sites are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Located all over around the country, they are the ideal destination for architects who are keen to discover more about these different cultures and civilizations through their architectural heritage.

Here is a list of World Heritage Sites in Tunisia with cultural and natural heritage properties as inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List or on the Country Tentative List. In 2017, eight sites in Tunisia are included. In addition to its inscribed sites, Tunisia also lists thirteen properties on its tentative list. You would certainly want to discover them.