The Magic of the Sahara

Tembaine: The Magic of the Sahara, in the heart of the Grand Erg Oriental, is a place to visit absolutely

Tembaine, whose name in Berber means “the mountain seen from afar”. This is where three camps have been set up.

Canvas tents comfortably make up these nomadic and ecological accommodations, to the delight of desert lovers in search of authentic sensations.

Double or single beds, soft Bedouin blankets for cool nights, mergoums (Berber carpets), candlesticks, copper showers and washbasins to save water which is so rare, dry toilets, everything is done with respect for nature, a heavenly stopover for backpackers.

A simple and real cuisine, prepared before your eyes is served in the hollow of a dune or under a large tent serving as a restaurant.

Lucky are those who attend the “Music and Silence in the Sahara” meetings: artists and musicians meet there for daily acoustic performances, in harmony with the landscape.

In Tembaine: The Magic of the Sahara, time has stood still, the dunes dance as far as the eye can see, the stars appear like nowhere, the wild, virgin nature is captivating. Here you will be on another planet.

Tembaïne in pictures

Tembaïne: La magie du Sahara
Tembaïne: La magie du Sahara

Tembaïne in video

The magic of the Sahara on the map

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