Quad biking in Douz

Quad biking in the desert does not only mean driving a 4-wheeled vehicle but above all a machine to discover new horizons! To explore the desert of southern Tunisia differently, just climb there to meet extraordinary people and fabulous landscapes.

Quad biking in the desert offers fun, action and human contact, in a safe and friendly environment.

The Quad circuit can last from one hour to 7 days depending on your choice.

The Quad specialists invite you to discover the Grand Erg Oriental and the sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see during a Quad hike in the Douz Valley.

Offered for the day or half-day, Quad excursions take you to the heart of the Berber villages on a unique route made up of stony tracks, douars, wadis, oases and the Sahara.

Supervised by a professional, experienced guide and adapted to all levels of driving, the hikes can be organized from 2 people.

Once the vehicle is taken in hand, set off on an adventure for the duration of your choice, supervised by a guide.

For hikes of 4 hours or more, the lunch will be in picnic mode… In the middle of nowhere, you will stop the machines, you will light the wood fire to prepare the sand bread and you will enjoy a meal made on place over a wood fire.

For adrenaline and adventure lovers, the 3 day tour is highly recommended as it takes you to the far south and hot springs located in the middle of the desert. To book this activity, do not hesitate to consult the website of our local travel agency Départ Travel Services and ask for a quote.

Quad biking in the Douz desert in pictures

Randonnée en Quad dans le désert de Douz
Randonnée en Quad dans le désert de Douz

Quad biking in the Douz desert in video

Quad biking in the Douz on the map

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