Douz livestock market

Douz Livestock Market is a weekly market that takes place in the city of Douz in southern Tunisia. It is one of the largest livestock markets in the country and attracts traders and farmers from the surrounding region. The market is a hub for the sale and trade of various types of livestock, including camels, sheep, goats, and cattle. The market also serves as an important gathering place for the local community, where people come together to socialize and conduct business. The Market is an important part of the local economy and reflects the rich cultural heritage of southern Tunisia, where livestock trading has been an important part of life for centuries.

The weekly livestock market in Douz, commonly called “Rahbet Souk El Khemis” is very busy, especially on the eve of Eid Al Adha.

Some citizens prefer, in fact, to buy the sheep, on the last day, to be able to bring it home, while hoping for a last minute drop in prices.
Several regulars of this weekly market indicated that they waited for “Souk El Khemis” of Douz to buy their sheep because it is the only weekly market, in the region of Kébili, which coincides with the eve of Eid.

At the same time, a large number of breeders and dealers from all over the governorate attended. This has led to a sharp increase in supply accompanied by significant price reductions, ranging from 50 to 100 dinars, to the satisfaction of consumers.

Rahbet Souk El Khemis in pictures

Douz livestock market : Le marché de bétail de Douz
Douz livestock market : Le marché de bétail de Douz

Douz livestock market in video

Douz souk on the map

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