The Counter Sidi Mechreg | The ruins of Sidi Mechreg

Sidi Mechreg

Sidi Mechreg is a bay located in the governorate of Bizerte between Cap Nègre and Cap Serrat. It included from the Aghlabite period a small fortified town playing the role of a Ribat.

The French founded later (in the 16th century) a fortified trading post: the Fiumara Salata endowed with a port, an arsenal and a citadel. This counter was dismantled in 1632.

the village of Sidi Mechreg is a small ordinary fishing port overlooking a rocky sea. Yet it contains a little-known treasure…

Nestled on a rock by the sea, are the remains of an old French trading post dating from the 16th century. Founded by the French, it served as a trading post with a port, an arsenal and a citadel. Dismantled in 1632, there remains only an arch on which the powerful waves come to break.

This is where GnetNews decided to take you this time. Leaving from Bizerte, it took us almost two hours to reach this corner of paradise, located between the famous Cap Serrat and Cap Negro (Tabarka).

From Tunis, count about three hours by car. But in reality, despite a chaotic and winding road, the landscapes along the way will make you forget the miles.

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