Meninx Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Meninx is located on the southeast coast of the island of Djerba, not far from the Roman road (the Kantara), near the present-day town of Henchir El Kantara, offering a fascinating journey through time. It is two kilometers long and eight hundred meters wide, part of which was likely submerged by the sea.

Let’s explore this remarkable destination from its ancient origins to the ongoing excavations.

From the Phoenician trading post to the Roman capital

Centuries ago, the Phoenicians established a trading post at this location, which over time developed into a thriving commercial metropolis. During Roman rule, Meninx gained the status of a capital and became the political center of the island.

Discoveries and ongoing excavations

A treasure trove of past times

In-depth research and ongoing excavations have brought to light amazing artifacts and remains. Look forward to discovering fascinating finds and secrets from past eras. Among the excavations, you can find thermal baths, an amphitheater, a basilica, and many other exciting relics.

An impressive experience for history enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Meninx by visiting the archaeological park. Learn more about the city’s trade and significance, such as the production of purple dye from murex snails. Enjoy breathtaking views of the ancient forum, the market, the warehouses, and the surrounding sea.

Meninx Archaeological site in pictures

Archäologische Stätte Meninx
Le Site Archologique de Minenx Djerba

Meninx in video

Meninx on the map

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