The mountain oasis of Chebika

The mountain oasis of Chebika is an hour’s drive northwest of Tozeur, after crossing the chott (salt lake) el-Gharsa. the mountain oasis clings to the side of desolate rocks. Made of stones and earth, the houses were abandoned for more modern constructions in concrete blocks below.

An essential element for the establishment of any Tunisian village, water, present in the form of springs, allows a palm grove to flourish at the foot of the old houses of Chebika. At sunset, the contrast is striking between the green tops of the palm trees and the surrounding ocher peaks. Hiking enthusiasts can continue their exploration to the oasis of Tamerza (allow 1h30).

Accessible by a paved road that is not always very flat, 2 km from Tozeur after leaving el Hamma, this magnificent oasis rises up in the heart of the desert.

Close to the Algerian border, in an astonishing setting, between the gypsum mountains (orange rocks at the origin of the “sand roses”), the ocher-colored sand and the dazzling blue sky, this oasis is considered the most beautiful in Tunisia.

It is located near a very pretty old village (former Roman military camp: Ad Speculum) which offers it the source of water necessary for the growth of its palm grove and from where the view is breathtaking. Despite the multitude of children running after you, and the little sand rose sellers who sometimes act as guides (which is part of the charm of Tunisia), you will appreciate the Tamerza waterfall, about 5 minutes from the village, as well as walks both exotic and refreshing in the palm grove.

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L'oasis de montagne de Chebika
L'oasis de montagne de Chebika

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