The palm grove of Tozeur

 Tozeur Palm Grove, which you see in the distance when you arrive in Toseur, is not a mirage. this large palm grove, it is not absurd to ask the question. Tozeur is the leading producer of dates in Tunisia, and indeed its many oases are at the origin.

Tozeur is the capital of Jerid, and Jerid in Arabic means palms: So it is the country of the palm tree. This huge palm grove has been irrigated for centuries by a network of springs and artesian wells. The water is discharged into a multitude of canals for the irrigation of the palm grove. This produces the best dates in Tunisia, the ‘Deglet Nour’, honey-colored, nicknamed “the fingers of light”.

It is one of the most beautiful oases in the world in southern Tunisia with a multitude of plots. Under the date palms, there are several levels of plantation, fruit trees, banana, pomegranate, fig, jasmine, Damask roses, fodder and market garden crops. You can go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or by bicycle.

Both beautiful and amazing. this palm grove of about a thousand hectares, in the middle of the desert, which surrounds the city of Tozeur is fed by more than 200 sources which empty over time.

You can walk there on foot, by bicycle or in a horse-drawn carriage, you will find some tourist entertainment in the center where you can cool off, you will come across the Eden Palm Tree Treasures Museum, the Sahara Zoo, the Gardens of Paradise and the west a rocky ensemble “the belvedere” where you will appreciate the view of Tozeur and the rainbow of colors that emerges from it.

The palm grove of Tozeur in pictures

La ville de Ain Draham

Tozeur Palm Grove in video

The Palm Grove on the map

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