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The city of Sousse

Welcome to the Travel Guide for Sousse Tunisia. Sousse was called Hadrumetum. It was built by the Phoenicians, before the 6th century BC. It was in the 2nd century AD that it was erected as a Roman colony, with the arrival of the Arabs it was named Sousse.

Nicknamed “the pearl of the Sahel”, the city of Sousse is a port city in the Center-East of Tunisia, it is the third most important city in Tunisia after Tunis and Sfax. Located on the coast (Sahel in Arabic) of Tunisia, 143 km from the capital, Sousse is renowned for its long beaches that criss-cross the coast. Its luxurious seaside resorts are equipped with restaurants, hotels, night clubs, shopping centers etc, making it one of the high places of tourism in Tunisia. Consisting of a medina, it is completed by a modern city with straight streets including a promenade on the sea, which extends to the north. Moreover, its long maritime tradition (it is above all a port city) and its history, cradled by nearly 3000 years of conquests, give it a rather special charm.

The Travel Guide for Sousse Tunisia considers this city as the capital of the Tunisian Sahel. It is a pleasant Mediterranean city with a pretty beach, an old Arab-Muslim medina surrounded by ramparts and souks, a fishing and commercial port and modern districts by the sea and it is one of the main tourist centers of the country. With typical charm, its extended beaches of fine golden sand until you reach the famous port of El Kantaoui, make the city a very affable center with typical beauty. To make the most of the days and the moments, you can play sports, where there are maritime activities, hotels in which there are tennis courts as well as activities for adults and children during the day and evening…

The city of Sousse is the capital of the governorate bearing the same name, and its municipality is divided into four districts, we find La Medina and the city Riadh, Sousse North and South. Sousse is during three thousand years of history, was conceived as an architectural and historical heritage of incomparable richness keeping its grandeur between the ramparts of its Medina which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Ribat, the great mosque, the archaeological museum and also the surprising historical sites of the Catacombs which are of exceptional beauty the souks of its medina which adopts shops intended for tourists and visitors to the country, and the walk in its very pleasant alleys and winding.

Sousse, city of contrasts, is both a modern and lively city but also a city rich in history. Its still intact medina leaves a vivid impression, thanks to its high stone ramparts overlooking a magnificent sea view, its souks and its alleys, its monuments anchored by time, while the modern districts show a dynamism with avenues lined with palm trees. , the port and the many shops and entertainment venues.

Apart from its monuments, the city has other assets to seduce its visitor such as its mild Mediterranean climate, its tourist area with splendid hotels and luxurious tourist complexes, its rich activities, its seaside resort and its nightclubs which make it is a very privileged destination.

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