The capital of Tunisia

The city of Tunis is first of all its medina, one of the most beautiful in the world, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, its mosques, its souk with narrow and colorful streets. But you can also reach pleasant beaches in less than half an hour, as well as discover the unmissable sites of the north coast: the village of Sidi Bou Saïd, justly renowned for its traditional architecture, its studded wooden doors and its charming Moorish cafes. You should also not miss visiting the ruins of Carthage for their setting and their first-rate cultural dimension.

Even if the medina of Tunis gives the impression of a real labyrinth, you can quickly find your way around thanks to the minaret of the Great Mosque (or Zitouna mosque) located in the center of the covered streets. The alleys and covered passages are ordered all around. We generally move forward following the flow of walkers, because the streets are quite narrow. But it is a pleasure to walk among the bags of spices, the displays of fabrics, the leather poufs and the ceramics. You will be tempted by many objects! To have a panoramic view of the old town, ask to access the terrace of one of the shops in the souk.

Still in the medina, for lunch or dinner at a good table, remember two addresses: the Dar El Jeld, located in the street of the same name, and the Dar Bel Hadj, rue des Tamis. Two establishments that offer a distinctive setting and refined cuisine at reasonable prices.

The city of Tunis in pictures

Bab Bhar Tunis

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Where to go in Tunis

Tunis is the place where there is no risk of getting bored! Between its various archaeological sites, its medina and its museums we have enough for a week. Discover with us the essentials of Tunis.

Where to stay in Tunis

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