The Cap Bon

The region of Cap Bon stretches from Nabeul over 140 km in the north of the country in the middle of the Mediterranean, towards Sicily. The landscape is an alternation of plains and plateaus, villages, beaches and coves. The region, fertile, is covered with vines which give the famous Muscat  of Kelibia, fruit trees and cereals
You can discover a Tunisia a little more authentic than elsewhere, quieter and less focused on tourism. Cap Bon can easily be visited in a day by car.

Cap Bon has a relief of plain to the east and on the coast, of mountain to the west with the culmination of the chain of the Tunisian ridge at the level of Djebel Ben Ouli (637 meters). It offers a view of the islands of Zembra and Zembretta located about fifteen kilometers to the northwest as well as, in very good weather towards the east, the Italian island of Pantelleria.

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Guide Voyage Le Cap Bon
Guide Voyage Le Cap Bon

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Cap Bon is the place where you won’t get bored! Between its various archaeological sites, its medina and its museums, we have enough to fill a week. Discover with us the essentials of Cap Bon.

Where to stay at Cap Bon

At Cap Bon, the choice of accommodation is so vast that it can meet all needs and all tastes! Between hotels, guest houses and vacation rentals you are spoiled for choice.

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