The city of Kelibia

The city of Kelibia, located at the tip of Cap Bon, 94 km from Tunis, is a city of 49,000 inhabitants. It is the third city of the governorate of Nabeul after Nabeul and Hammamet. Its economic income comes from agriculture, fishing, the furniture industry and tourism.

Currently, Kélibia is a tourist town known for its beautiful beaches and its fortress (“Bordj”), but also for its carpenters. Kélibia also has the 4th fishing port in Tunisia, and its vineyards offer Muscat de Kélibia (white wine very popular with Tunisians).

Being a tourist town is not the basic vocation of Kélibia, since it was, and this since the Romans, a maritime military base whose geographical position allows it to neutralize in case of war the bases of Sicily, Malta and from Gibraltar. This military vocation is still present since Kelibia currently houses the National Maritime School.
– Agriculture: market gardening, fruit, tobacco and viticulture.

– Fishing: 4th port in Tunisia, specialized in so-called lamparo fishing. It is an activity that is practiced at night. The fish, mainly blue fish, sardines and mackerel, are attracted by the light from the lamps and get caught in the nets.

Kélibia is a small town in Cap Bon, known for its magnificent beaches and its authenticity, an authenticity that it has managed to keep and even develop over the years.
Every summer, Kélibia welcomes thousands of people who come not only from the four corners of Tunisia, but also from all over the world. And for good reason, this region with its unique charm offers its visitors all the possible conditions for an unforgettable stay.

These magnificent beaches, its clear waters, the simplicity and generosity of its inhabitants but also the beauty of its landscapes make Kélibia a perfect destination for those who are looking for a total disconnection from the hubbub of daily life.

There are a few waterfront restaurants where you can swim and eat at the same time. At the end of the day, the café at the fort of Kélibia welcomes its visitors in a relaxed and unfussy atmosphere, and offers a breathtaking view of the whole city.

The town center of Kélibia is not very big, and has cafes as well as small restaurants. Visitors are warmly welcomed by locals who are known for their kindness and generosity.


The city was founded under the name of Clypea by Agathocles of Syracuse at the time when he carried out his aborted invasion of North Africa. After the departure of Agathocles, the Carthaginians kept this strong city.

In 256 BC. J.-C., Marcus Atilius Regulus, besieges and takes the city during the First Punic War then takes it as the base of his operations which aimed to defeat Carthage. After ravaging Cap Bon, the Roman offensive ended the following year in bitter defeat and few soldiers returned to Italy.

During the Third Punic War, the last war between the Romans and the Carthaginians, the consul Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus besieged the city but following the resistance of the latter, he was forced to withdraw.

It was transformed into a Roman colony by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. According to Pliny the Elder, Clypea later became a free city with a quality port in which the Roman fleet could take shelter and which, by its position, was important for navigation.

We see today the ruins of the ancient city between the hill and the sea and the remains of Roman fortifications in the enclosure of the citadel raised at the top of the hill. Considerable parts of the quay and the mole of the old port are also preserved.


Craftsmanship lies in the production of antique or style furniture. Kelibia has become a reference in know-how. Its production is sold both in Tunisia and abroad.
Tourism: the beaches of Kelibia have the whitest and finest sand in Tunisia. The proximity of Italy, Sicily being 200 km away and the island of Pantelleria 70 km away, is an asset in attracting more and more Italian tourists.

The hotels are located in El Mansourah, a tourist area by the sea. It is a quiet place where it is good to live.

The biggest cultural event lies in the organization of the amateur film festival in June of each year.

Where to go

El Mansoura Beach
Fort of Kelibia

Where to eat

El Mansoura Restaurant
Cafe du Fort
Old Port
Toro Fish
Restaurant Monaco Bay
El Mansoura

In Kélibia, life is simple and you feel good there. And in summer, it’s just beautiful

The city of Kelibia in pictures

La fort de Kélibia
La ville de Kélibia

The city of Kelibia in video

Kelibia on the map

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