Korbous spa resort

Korbous spa resort is located in the Cap Bon region. Attached to the governorate of Nabeul, the commune was created by a decree of May 20, 1982, the communal perimeter extending over an area of 5,000 hectares. Located 60 km from Tunis and Hammamet, Korbous has 3,500 inhabitants.

It is a charming village by the sea, perched on a hill, in the region of Cap Bon, known since antiquity as a high quality spa resort. Its hot springs are beneficial for healing, there are seven natural springs in the middle of forests and mountains, facing the sea, they are the most famous in Tunisia. The road that leads to Korbous runs along the steep coast which offers a magnificent landscape.

Korbous nestles its white houses along a single street, at the bottom of a valley open to the sea, bordered by an 8 km long cornice allowing you to contemplate the Gulf of Tunis. This is one of the most endearing images of Cap Bon.

Korbous is both a small family seaside resort and a renowned spa resort since antiquity. Its hot sodium chlorinated waters and its cold sulphurous calcium waters treat: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Herniated disc, Osteoporosis, Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, etc. Here and there, squat chimneys blow the steam from the hot waters, other sources, in the surroundings, arise under the sea or at the edge of the water. At the Arraka (Suante) baths, men are treated to pools filled with spring water and women have direct access to the dark grotto lit by candles.

Around Korbous you can see: Aïn Oktor the twin station of Korbous is 3 km from it. In a setting of sea and red rocks, this small hydromineral station is reduced to a hotel, accompanied by a refreshment bar and a bottling plant producing around 10,000 bottles a day. Sidi Amara Dominating the road on the right, before arriving at Korbous, it is the marabout of a holy man who came from Tripolitania at the end of the 19th century. Le Bec de l’Aigle: also called the dog’s snout, this rock dominates the resort from 400 m: superb panorama over the Gulf of Tunis and Cap Bon. Beyond Korbous, the road continues on a ledge along the shore and after 2 km, one reaches Aïn el Atrous (“the source of Goat”) where, under a rock a few meters from the sea, a thermal spring gushes out purging. (50°C).

You don’t need to be sick to come and enjoy a beautiful view and swim in Aïn el Atrous, a 50° spring that flows into the sea. ) on the mountainside, offering beautiful views of the coast and the gulf. Impressive spectacle of geological layers that seem to look skyward.

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La station thermale de Korbous
La station thermale de Korbous

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