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Ain Draham city

Ain draham city, this mountain village, with red roofs and sloping streets, is drowned in greenery. The region is a good base for a hunting trip or a hike. About 2 km from the village of Tabarka, the road leading to the pass of ruins reveals a beautiful panorama over neighboring Algeria, particularly at sunset. From the pass, the ascent to Jebel Fersig (30mn) offers a panoramic view of the whole region

This city is also the capital of a delegation of 40,372 inhabitants and has a population of only 9,788 inhabitants (according to 2014 statistics).

Ain Drahem settles at an altitude of 800 meters on the slopes of Djebel Bir (1014 meters). This mountain is part of the Kroumirie mountains.

This region is the wettest area of ​​Tunisia and it holds the national rainfall record with 1534 millimeters of rainfall per year and is one of the few where snow can be seen. Well yes, it’s snowing in Tunisia too! and in winter, a large number of Tunisians move to the northwest of the country just to see the snow (don’t laugh, we don’t see it often).

The name Ain Drahem means “source of silver” and evokes the sulfurous hot springs already used by the Romans in ancient times. The remains of thermal baths are thus identifiable on the site.

Aïn Draham city is also an active resort since the period of the French protectorate. With its houses with red tiled roofs, its huge forest of cork oaks, its rich game, especially in wild boars, it reminds us of an alpine village, appreciated in all seasons, for hunting, the freshness of its climate, hiking , equestrian or mountain biking and hydrotherapy.

Ain Draham city is definitely worth a visit

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