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Tabarka Tunisia

Tabarka city is located in northwestern Tunisia, on the border with Algeria.

In a unique setting where the greenery of nature embraces the blue of the sea in summer and where the whiteness of the snow dominates in winter Tabarka offers its visitors a wide variety of landscapes and a wide choice of tours.

A destination little known by tourists, the town of Tabarka remains untouched by discovery. Ideal for divers who wish to explore the seabed, wild boar hunters who have an entire season devoted to their passions and even Jazz lovers since the town of Tabarka organizes a Jazz festival every year during the month of July.

Famous for its mountains, tile houses, wild boar hunting, corals, Jazz, scuba diving and other criteria, the town of Tabarka not only presents a quiet seaside resort for visitors who decide to flee the crowds. but also a starting point for various archaeological and cultural visits.

While many holidaymakers choose the Hotel formula to rest and enjoy a lazy stay on the beaches, there are others who will rather choose to visit and discover the country’s historical past through visits to sites and monuments such as Chemtou, Bulla Regia, Dougga… Monuments that take you back in time between the Numidian, Punic and Roman periods that the country had known…

Tabarka city is also the needles and the Genoese fort… It is also the fishing port and the marina but above all warm and welcoming inhabitants.

Tabarka city in pictures

The town of Tabarka in video

Where to go in Tabarka

Tabarka is the place where there is no risk of getting bored! Between its various monuments, its beaches and its mountains, we have it for a week. Discover with us the essentials of Tabarka.

Le site archéologique de Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia

Le barrage de Beni Mtir

Beni Mtir

Where to stay in Tabarka

In Tabarka the choice of accommodation is so vast that it will meet all needs and all tastes! Hotels, guesthouses and vacation rentals

Hotels in Tabarka

Hotels in Tabarka

Discover and book the best hotels in Tabarka

Guest houses in Tabarka

Guest houses

Discover and book the best guesthouses in Tabarka

Location de vacances à Tabarka

Holiday rents

Discover and book the best vacation rentals in Tabarka

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Useful Information

  • Country code: +216
  • Emergency Police: 197
  • Civil protection: 198
  • Port offices: 71.735.804
  • Allo Taxi: 71.783.311 / 71.840.840
  • SOS Towing 24/24: 71.255.024 / 71.256.550
  • Price control: 71,890,000
  • Toll free number for tourists: 80.100.333
  • Information: 1200/1210

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