3-day Star Wars Tour

Description of the 3-day Star Wars Tour

Embark on an epic adventure with the 3-day Star Wars Tour in Tunisia. Explore the iconic filming locations featured in the Skywalker Saga, from the island of Djerba to Tataouine and Matmata. Immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars as you follow in the footsteps of George Lucas. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the magic of the Star Wars universe. Book your 3-day Star Wars Tour now!

Experience the ultimate Star Wars adventure with a 3-day tour departing from Djerba island. Perfect for fans of the Skywalker Saga, this tour will take you to the filming locations in southern Tunisia, including Tataouine and Matmata. Follow in the footsteps of George Lucas and immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars.

About the 3-day Star Wars Tour

  • Duration : 3 days
  • Departure time : 8h30 am
  • Pick up : Djerba – Zarzis and Tataouine (Other cities incur additional costs)
  • Confirmation : immediate
  • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type of transport : Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Tour approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
  • Cancellation : See Terms and Conditions


  • Take advantage of your address pick-up where you are in Tunisia
  • Discover a large part of southern Tunisia
  • Discover Tataouine, its Ksours and the troglodyte village of Chenini
  • Visit all the Star Wars filming locations on Djerba Island
  • Visit Ksar Hadada and Ksar Ouled Soltane in Tataouine (Star War film locations)
  • Visit the Sidi Idriss hotel in Matmata (filming location for Star Wars)
  • Visit a cave dwelling and eat with the locals
  • Spend the night in an 12th century cottage at the top of the mountain
  • Discover the 3 types of desert in Tunisia
  • Explore local life and taste Tunisian cuisine

Program of the Tour

Day 1: Mos Eisley and Ben’s House

La maison de Ben à Tataouine

During the first day, you will visit the filming locations of the “Star Wars” Saga in Djerba.

Visits of the day

Ajim (Mos Eisley – Episode IV)

– Control by stormtroopers : Control of Ben and Luke by stormtroopers (“These are not the droids you are looking for.”); the place is very difficult to recognize, due to the modification of the decorations at the time by the film crew.

– Cantina de Chalmun : DAs above, the place is difficult to recognize, especially since the building (an old traditional Berber bakery) is in a state of disrepair more or less advanced. In addition, he is (was?) Also threatened with disappearance to build modern buildings, which had also given rise to an international movement to save it.

– The flight of the Millennium Falcon under the beard of stormtroopers : The alley is a few streets south of the “stormtrooper checkpoint”. It is quite difficult to find, but on the other hand more easily recognizable.

Ajim (Ben’s House – Episode IV)

3 km north of Ajim, on the coastal road leading to Sidi Jemour, is the old fisherman’s house which was used to film, in April 1976, the house of Ben Kenobi during his exile on Tatooine. It has become a high place of “pilgrimage”, and is therefore regularly maintained..

Note that since the Special Edition of the Trilogy in 1997, the original house has been replaced in the film by a shot of a miniature and a digital painting, radically changing its appearance.

Sidi Jemour (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley – Episode IV)

About a dozen kilometers north of Ajim, still by the coastal road, is the marabout (= dome tomb) of Sidi Jemour (or Sidi Jmour). Also considered a mosque, it is a popular place of religious pilgrimage.

2 scenes from Episode IV were filmed there in April 1976 :

A cut scene outside Anchorhead : This cut scene actually consists of 2: that of Toshi station, and that between Luke and Biggs

The arrival scene of Luke and Ben in speeder at Mos Eisley : Note that this scene, like many of Mos Eisley, has undergone many changes over the evolutions of the Trilogy.

Departure to Beni Khedache to the 17th-century Berber cottage of Ksar Jouamaa for dinner and overnight.
• Photo stop at Ain El Emba at the mountain’s peak to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.
• Arrival at Ksar Jouamaa and check-in.
• Admire the sunset over the mountain.
• Dinner and overnight in a 12th-century Ghorfa.
Accommodation: 12th-century Berber cottage on half board.

Day 2: The planet Tatooine and the slave quarters

Circuit Star Wars Tunisie

After breakfast, head to the town of Tataouine, from which George Lucas drew the name Tatooine.
The first visit will be to the famous Ksar Hadada: Like two other ksours located near Tataouine (Ksar Medenine and Ksar Ouled Soltane), it was used to film the Mos Espa sets on August 10, 1997, specifically the slave quarters scenes in Episode I (scene where Qui-Gon contacts Obi-Wan via comlink, and scene with Shmi “He has no father…”).
Next, head to the Berber village of Chenini for a hiking tour with a local guide.
Enjoy a typical lunch at a local restaurant and then head to the second Ksar, called Ksar Ouled Soltane:
Ksar Ouled Soltane is located southeast of Tataouine. It is one of the best-preserved, renovated, and most visited ksours in Tunisia. It’s a mountain ksar, which has two distinct courtyards and houses over 400 ghorfas (storage cells) on 4 or 5 levels.
Like the other two ksours mentioned above, it served as a set for Mos Espa in Episode I, in August 1997, for the slave quarters scenes.
Next, head to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane for a night under the tent.
Enjoy a refreshing swim in the hot spring.
Walk on the fine and golden (rather ocher) sand.
As an extra, you can go quad biking or take a camel ride.
Witness the magnificent sunset over the dunes.
See the preparation of sand bread (traditional bread cooked on embers).
After dinner, and if there are enough people, you can even enjoy an animated evening around a campfire.
Then, return to your tent for a peaceful and quiet night.
Accommodation: Night under a tent in a desert camp.

Day 3: The Sidi Idriss hotel and the troglodyte village

The village of Matmata : Hôtel Sidi Driss Matmata

After breakfast, head to the troglodyte village of Matmata.
Visit the Sidi Idriss hotel, which comprises 5 interior courtyards: four of them surrounded by rooms, and the fifth named the “Star Wars courtyard.” It serves as the restaurant. This courtyard served as a set for the Lars’ dining room and kitchen, as well as the courtyard.
It’s worth noting that the dining room’s decoration, especially the ceiling fresco, was destroyed after the filming of Episode IV and had to be redone for Episode II, 24 years later. It remains unchanged to this day.
Next, visit a Berber family in their underground dwelling. Enjoy a good rosemary tea with them. (Don’t forget to leave a small tip before leaving.)
Then, head back to Djerba with a photo stop at the Berber village of Toujane.
Arrival at your hotel and end of our services.

The 3-day Star Wars Tour in pictures

Circuit Star Wars Tunisie
Circuit Star Wars Tunisie

The Tour in Video



The prices below correspond to the initial proposal of the Tour. This rate may change depending on our email exchanges of and the changes you would want to make to the program. We are here to customize the Tour according to your wishes !

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