Ksar Hadada

The Ksar Hadada of Tataouine or Ksar Haddada is a ksar located in the south of Tunisia, five kilometers from Ghomrassen and about eighty kilometers from Tataouine.

The climate is semi-arid (the Sahara is about twenty kilometers away) and the rain is very rare but very heavy when it appears. Temperatures can reach 50°C during the day in summer and drop to 0°C at night in winter.

The ksour (plural of ksar) were fortresses built on top of the mountains to protect the crops from the many looters. Alveoli collected fodder, oil and cereals and thus constituted several granaries over which a guard watched.

They are now mostly abandoned.
The ksar has partly become a hotel where tourists stop. Part of it was used by director Geroges Lucas in the movie Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace to create the village of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, where Anakin Skylwalker was born.

Freely accessible, Ksar Hadada is now visited by many tourists and tour operators include it in their Ksours packages which includes a visit to Tataouine, Ksar Haddada and the Berber village of Chenini

Ksar Hadada in pictures

Ksar Hadada Tataouine
Ksar Hadada Tataouine

Ksar Hadada Tataouine in video

Ksar Hadada on the map

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