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Le Ksar de Metameur

The Ksar of Metameur (alternatively: Om Ettamr, Oum El Tamer, Oum Tameur), positioned 6 km northwest of the city of Medenine in the semi-arid plain accessible to the center of the Jeffara, was founded in the 18th century. AD by a local marabout named Sidi Ahmed Lahjel who took up residence in a nearby hermit cave. Sidi Ahmed Lahjel was the grandson of Sidi Ali Ben Abid, traditional founder of the city of Medenine.

Arab tribal descendants of Sidi Ahmed Lahjel and Amazigh tribal descendants of his followers established the village near his cave. Although some scholars skeptically suggest that ksar structures may have existed in Metameur as early as the 14th century CE, the first archaeological confirmation of ksour in the village dates back to the 18th century.

All the ksour built in Métameur, classified as “second generation” ksour of the plains, have not survived to the present day.
The ksar of Metameur includes ghorfas, especially intended for habitation, of the same model as those of Medenine. They gather around a place where, during a conflict, the cattle were gathered.

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