Nefta's Basket

Nefta’s basket is a crevice in the form of a basket from which 152 springs emerged to irrigate the entire palm grove of Nefta. In the 1980s the springs dried up one after the other and there was desolation. The phenomenon was the same in El Hamma, Degache and finally Tozeur.

One of the curiosities of Nefta, to be discovered by taking the road to the tourist area. It is a small natural depression, a basin dug in the rock where palm trees are planted.
This arrangement underlines in a striking way the contrast offered by the desert landscapes which surround the city and the oasis.

The oasis of Nefta was formerly irrigated by more than one hundred and fifty springs. Some of these sources meet at the bottom of what is called “the Trash”.

By standing on the edge of it, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding area.

It is a fossil tablecloth. By dint of digging wells to irrigate the new palm groves, the level of the latter has only dropped.

In addition, to continue to irrigate the old oases, it was necessary to dig new wells which have a limited lifespan. The basic problem remains and if nothing is done all the old oases of Djérid would eventually disappear.

The project to rehabilitate La Corbeille into an ecological space, thanks to Monegasque funds, is an excellent idea.

The development of a swimming pool, a stream, waterfalls and huts gave this place the appearance of a small paradise.

Hoping that this project is not limited only to this basket and will end up touching the basic problem which is the supply of all the oasis with sufficient and sustainable water.

Nefta's Basket in pictures

La corbeille de Nefta
Les merveilles du Sud tunisien

The Basket in video

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