Bukornine National Park

Bukornine National Park is about twenty kilometers from Tunis, covering almost 2,000 ha, located in the vicinity of Hammam-Lif. The humid climate has allowed the development of a sublime forest as well as many plant species: junipers, cyclamen, tulips, rosemary.

In addition, Boukornine is home to 25 species of mammals: wild boar, jackal, wild cat, porcupine, birds of prey, several species of sedentary and migratory birds, chameleons, ocellated lizard, tortoise, snake horseshoe, etc.

The park is characterized by its thick plant adornment, rich and diversified. There are different varieties of trees: eucalyptus, rosemary…

The park is considered to be the only site in North Africa to house “Meriem’s Persian incense”, the cyclamen, a plant variety that mainly likes the eastern Mediterranean basin.

At the park, one can find flowers like the Persian cyclamen and animals like the Etruscan shrew (the smallest known mammal in the world) and the mountain gazelle.

The park is the site of Jebel Boukornine (a 576 meter mountain) and the Aïn Zargua spring, as well as an ecomuseum.

There is also a rare variety found only in North Africa. The snout mouse is also one of the specialties of the park.

The flora of Boukornine National Park is also very varied. There are more than 200 species of plants.

Boukornine Park in pictures

Le Parc National de Boukornine
Le Parc National de Boukornine

Boukornine in video

Boukornine on the map

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