Tisavar fort

Do you know the Tisavar Fort ? Located on the outskirts of the great erg, between Nefzaoua and Remada, this fort was built during the reign of Emperor Commodus, between 184 and 187.

It made it possible to monitor the road to Dhahar and was part of the Roman border, the famous limes, which were also called “fines”, “ripa” or “terminus”.

Today, Tisavar is called Ksar Ghilane. Here, in the middle of a secret dune, is one of the best preserved forts of this ancient frontier.

Moreover, its last occupation dates back to the Second World War, when it was invested by the soldiers of the famous Leclerc column.

To reach the fort, you have to walk for almost an hour in the dunes, then, suddenly, Tisavar is in front of you.
A dedication to Jupiter sits above the threshold of this 30 by 40 meter rectangle. We recognize a courtyard lined with rooms. Stairs placed at the four corners of the fort highlight the existence of a walkway, which no longer exists.

Looking at the expanse of Dhahar in the distance, I can’t help but think of a book, “The Desert of the Tartars” by Dino Bruzatti. I am also thinking of a film, “Dances with Wolves” by Kevin Kostner.

Night falls little by little. I’m about to spend it under the stars. Perhaps there will be a magical rendezvous with the Little Prince in the cradle of the dawn.

The Roman fort of Tisavar in pictures

Le fort de Tisavar Ksar Ghilane
Le fort de Tisavar Ksar Ghilane

Tisavar in video

Tisavar fort on the map

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