The water temple

The water temple is located in Zaghouan, a small town in the north of Tunisia. It is the capital of the governorate of the same name. Zaghouan, region with Andalusian ceramics and hanging balconies. It is one of the must-see destinations for visitors. In 2014, the city of Zaghouan had 20,798 inhabitants.

About fifty kilometers from Tunis, the city is located below the northern slope of ‘Djebel zaghouan’. This 1295 meter high mountain is ideal for practicing breathtaking activities: climbing, caving, canyoning, mountain biking…

In spring, the mountain is flowered to perfection. It gives off absolutely stunning aromas of thyme and rosemary. Many varieties of orchids may also surprise many of you. No less than 19 varieties are listed there. Zaghouan and water, a fascinating story over 2000 years old. On the road connecting it to the capital, one can admire the famous arcades of Hnaya ‘the Roman aqueducts‘. These gigantic constructions ordered from the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian were intended to carry water from the sources of the city of Zaghouan to Carthage in order to supply the cisterns of the Malga. On a visit to the Province of Africa, the Roman Emperor regretted the absence of public baths still called thermal baths, essential elements in the life of every Roman. He had therefore instructed his architects to find a way to drain the water from the nearest source: Zaghouan.

A short stop is essential to visit the Nymphaeum or the Water Temple, which marks the location of the source. This semi-circular collection basin, which is a public fountain, was surrounded by twelve niches which housed the statues of the protective deities: Neptune, goddess of the waters and the Nereids.

A region renowned for its springs (aïns), Zaghouan attracts both Tunisians and tourists with its traditional hammams or hot water baths; a wellness ritual

The landscapes and nature of this agricultural region are splendid, and deserve to linger to visit. Do not hesitate to visit the city center of Zaghouan and look for the many fountains there. Take the opportunity to take a break in a pastry and leave with some delicious ‘kaakwarka’.

In Zaghouan, you can find several places to spend a magnificent stay, with beautiful natural views, good gastronomy and obliging hospitality. There are a number of excellent and comfortable hotels to choose from. Some of these hotels even organize wild boar hunts.

The water temple in pictures

Le temple des eaux Zaghouan
Le temple des eaux Zaghouan Tunisie

The temple in video

The temple o the map

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