The village of Guellala


The village of Guellala is located south of the island of Djerba and faces the Boughrara golf course. It is also the village where we find the highest point of the island, and when we say that we should not think of Everest as the highest point of the island does not exceed 53 meters…
This village is one of the few where the Berber dialect is still used and where the Berber-speaking inhabitants (gnarled language or the letter “T” comes up almost in every word).
In religion, the inhabitants are Muslims of the Ibadhite rite, unlike the majority of Tunisians who are Malikites.
Guellala, a word that comes from Goulla (jar) or Gallal (the person who makes jars) is, of course, the capital of pottery on the island of Djerba, and in southern Tunisia just like Nabeul in the north of country.
This profession dates back to the time of the Greeks and Phoenicians and continues today as it is inherited from father to son and represents the way of life, the history and the specialty of the region.
If you spend a day in the village do not hesitate to go to one of the workshops in the area and you could attend not only a detailed explanation of the work with its different stages but also a demonstration of the work done by hand.
Another visit remains essential if you visit guellala, it is the heritage museum. Installed on the highest point of the island, the terrace of the museum offers you a magnificent view… Its visit, on the other hand, introduces you more closely to Djerbian life in its various themes: traditions, customs, traditional clothes… etc.
Inspired by the architecture of a Menzel Djerbian, the museum is made up of different rooms where each presents a different theme… It is not just a visit but a break in time, in the traditions and the local life of a Djerba… A journey of culture and pleasure between the open spaces, the oil mill, the weaving workshop and the wedding attire.
Among what you discovered I can give you a few examples without details in order to leave you the pleasure of discovering yourself:
– Wedding outfits (man and woman)
– The oil mill
– The weaving workshop
– The Jaroucha: old method (using a dromedary that turns in circles) to separate the wheat from the chaff
– The Peach
Entrance fees are around 8D per person and photo fees are extra.

The village of Guellala in pictures

Le village de Guellala
Le village de Guellala

Guellala in video

The village of Guellala on the map

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