The port and the Marina

The Port and the Marina of Houmt Souk are the beating heart of maritime activity in the region. Upon your arrival, you will be fascinated by the ballet of fishing boats returning to the port, unloading their precious cargo of fresh fish. Observe the fishermen, dressed in their traditional attire, skillfully sorting, cleaning, and preparing their catch of the day.

At the Fishing Port, you can also witness the fish auction, a unique experience where fishermen, perched on high chairs, shout out prices while potential buyers compete with bidding gestures. The atmosphere is electric, and this age-old tradition testifies to the liveliness of maritime trade in Houmt Souk.

Right next to the Fishing Port is the Marina, a place where modernity and traditional charm meet. The Marina of Houmt Souk is home to elegant yachts, majestic sailboats, and colorful pleasure boats. Stroll along the marina and soak up the lively atmosphere, the laughter of boaters, and the excitement of water activities.

The Marina is also a place for relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy the picturesque restaurants and cafes lining the harbor, offering stunning views of the boats and the sparkling sea. You can savor fresh and delicious seafood dishes while admiring the sunset on the marine horizon.

Maritime authenticity blends with the elegance of the Marina, creating a unique ambiance where the charm of traditional fishing meets the dynamism of modern boaters. Whether you are passionate about fishing, a sailing enthusiast, or simply seeking a coastal getaway, the Fishing Port and Marina of Houmt Souk promise you an unforgettable maritime experience.

The fishing port in pictures

Houmt Souk Marina and Port
Port et Marina de Houmt Souk

The port and the Marina in vidéo

The market on the map

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