The Old Medina of Mahdia

The old medina of Mahdia stands a few minutes from the hotels. It is full of history and charm.

The Skifa Kahla, an ancient fortress erected in 916 AD by the Fatimids, is today the gateway to the Medina. Its merchants have remained faithful to traditions and mostly only exhibit handicrafts (carpets, silk, antique jewellery, traditional outfits, etc.). An oriental atmosphere will captivate you as soon as you arrive.

Leaving the Skifa Kahla, continue straight. You will love strolling through the alleys of the old town where typical Tunisian century-old houses are juxtaposed. As you move forward, you will first arrive at the craftsman’s house where the silk weavers will fashion the patterns of your choice.

A few steps further, you will reach “Dar Sghir”, an authentic Tunisian house which opens its doors to you to make you discover the daily Mahdo traditions but also those of marriage which holds a crucial place in the customs of the city.

Every Friday, all the craftsmen of the city meet between the “Skifa Kahla” and the fishing port to exhibit their most beautiful creations. This is the Friday souk, a veritable cave of Ali Baba. Very quickly, the noise of the negotiations invades the square in a world of colors, scents and flavors. Be on time !

The Medina of Mahdia in Pictures

La vieille médina de Mahdia
La vieille médina de Mahdia

The Old Medina of Mahdia in Video

The Old Medina on the map

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