The medina of Monastir

 The medina of Monastir is a set of cobbled streets where houses, mosques, tea rooms and shops are intertwined. The most characteristic is the souk which is full of small shops where you can find objects from various cultures: wicker baskets, leather bags, traditional costumes, blankets, carpets, shirts, ceramic bowls… of which, among the small shops and malls, the price of goods and products is affordable.

With the accession of Tunisia to independence, significant means have been deployed to make Monastir a large resort equipped with all modern conveniences. Cities of contrasts, Monastir is a microcosm of Tunisia, a country of old civilization and modernization affirmed in a happy symbiosis and perfect harmony.
Major rehabilitation works have been undertaken. The old “Chraga” district in the Medina has been completely restored and renovated with the addition of a new artery lined with typical café terraces and restaurants where you can sit down to enjoy a mint tea or taste the refinements of Tunisian cuisine. Today, the “Chraga” district has once again become a real beating heart of the city.

Strolling through the picturesque alleys of the old quarters of Monastir, from vaulted passages to alleyways laden with scents, one marvelously discovers an atmosphere of lights, impressions, smiles and serenity.

Everywhere in the Medina, there is a buzz of activity, the copper carver’s shop adjoining the large carpet bazaar, the tiny shop of the craftsman bent over his work, or the Souk which welcomes you in a dizziness of cries, scents and color.

The old Monastir presents, as for him, a cordial and spontaneous universe. It is full of activities; it offers the spectacle of its alleys with its craft shops, the carpet bazaar, or the market with bewitching scents and shimmering colors.

The medina of Monastir in pictures

La médina de Monastir
La médina de Monastir

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