The Kasbah of Bizerte

The Kasbah of Bizerte is located north of the old port, it has only one entrance from the west side. It has small dimensions: approximately 175m by 120m and has 8 towers and a walkway. It was built in the 17th century.

On the other side of the canal, the kasbah raises its ramparts above the medina: it is accessed for the beautiful view of the city, the port, the lake and the sea. The origins of this fortress date back to the time of the Byzantine occupation: rectangular in shape, a tower occupies each corner.

The entrance to the kasbah is a narrow arched chicane designed to slow down any invaders at the time trying to enter. The interior of the fortress is a maze of small streets lined with houses. At the foot of the northwest rampart, the market place comes alive with the cries of the merchants, and the stalls give the impression of an organized jumble.

Beyond stretches the Andalusian quarter, where Moors from Spain came to take refuge in the 17th century.

Further on, connected by a rampart of the kasbah, we can see the silhouette of the fort of Spain, which overlooks Bizerte at about forty meters above sea level on a height to the north. This fort dates from 1573, built during the time of Turkish domination, by the Pasha of Algiers.

It is built in such a way as to be able to face the artillery, composed of thirteen sides with re-entrant angles. Now far from any threat, the fort has since been redeveloped into an open-air theatre, which notably hosts the Bizerte International Festival (music, dance, film)

The Kasbah of Bizerte in pictures

La Kasbah de Bizerte
La Kasbah de Bizerte

The Kasbah in video

The Kasbah of Bizerte on the map

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