The Garden of Paradise

Tozeur zoo

The Garden of Paradise is located in the palm grove of Tozeur in an exotic garden dedicated to flora and fauna.

It is both a botanical garden and a zoo. In the spring, thousands of flowers bloom there and fruit trees grow there. A symphony of scents and colors.

The zoo, where the animals are confined in cramped prisons, is less interesting. Better to go there in the afternoon, because the tourists disembark in the morning.

The Zoo is a nice place to have a good time in Tozeur, it is made up of several varieties of fruit trees and plants, in the middle of a pleasant palm grove.

The Desert Zoo is home to all kinds of desert animals: scorpions, snakes, fennec foxes, gazelles, jackals, lions and the unmistakable Coca-cola drinking camel!

Being accompanied by a zoo guide is a plus because he will take certain animals out of their cage (scorpions, rattlesnake, desert monitor lizard, etc.)

It is reached by turning left on the road to the tourist area, in the direction of the arrow to the restaurant Le Petit Prince.

The guided tour begins with the tropical garden, where you walk among apricot trees, palm trees, banana trees, bougainvilleas and jasmines, continues through the animal park and ends with the inevitable little souvenir shop.

The Garden of Paradise at Tozeur in pictures

Le jardin du paradis : le zoo de Tozeur
Le jardin du paradis : le zoo de Tozeur

The zoo on the map

The Zoo on the map

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