The Covered Souk

The Covered Souk of Houmt Souk, better known under the name of Souk El Rbaa is a real treasure hidden in the heart of the city. This traditional market, sheltered under a picturesque architecture, is an essential place for lovers of local crafts and the curious in search of cultural discoveries.

When you enter the Souk, you will immediately be seduced by its lively and colorful atmosphere. The narrow streets are lined with stalls brimming with handicrafts. Smells of perfumes, leather and pottery fill the air, creating a unique sensory symphony.

The architecture of this Souk is simply fascinating. Stone arches, wooden beams and traditional architectural details bear witness to the rich history of the area. Wander the alleys and admire the historic buildings that house the stalls, creating a charming and authentic atmosphere.

The sellers of the Souk are passionate craftsmen who perpetuate the ancestral traditions of Djerba. They will welcome you warmly and invite you to discover their unique craftsmanship. Here you will find a variety of items such as Berber carpets, pottery, silver jewelry, leather goods and much more.


Each stall is a veritable treasure trove of local craftsmanship. Vendors will tell you the story of their products, the techniques used and the cultural meanings surrounding them. You will be able to acquire unique and authentic pieces, real souvenirs of your stay in Houmt Souk.

The Covered Souk is also the ideal place to immerse yourself in the daily life of the inhabitants of Djerba. You can observe the lively exchanges between vendors and customers, feel the contagious energy that reigns in the stalls and perhaps even participate in a friendly negotiation to acquire your treasures.

Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the bewitching atmosphere of the Covered Souk of Houmt Souk. Explore its picturesque streets, admire its unique architecture, discover local crafts and meet the passionate vendors who bring this emblematic place of Djerba culture to life.

The Covered Souk in pictures

Souk El Rbaa le souk couvert de Houmt Souk Djerba
Souk El Rbaa, der überdachte Souk von Houmt Souk Djerba

The Souk in vidéo

Souk El Rbaa on the map

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