The Archaeological Museum of Sfax

Sfax Archaeological Museum is a museum located in Sfax, Tunisia. It showcases the rich history and cultural heritage of the region, with exhibits focusing on the ancient civilizations that have inhabited the area, including Phoenician, Roman, and Islamic cultures. The museum’s collection includes artifacts such as pottery, mosaics, and sculptures, as well as manuscripts and coins. The museum is a popular tourist attraction and an important resource for those interested in the history and archaeology of Tunisia.

The Archaeological Museum of Sfax is a Tunisian museum located in the city of Sfax, the ancient Taparura. The Sfax Museum stands in the center of the modern city and houses collections that cover all eras of Tunisian history with objects from the city and its surroundings but also from more distant sites. It has just undergone a “facelift” which has refreshed it and made its visit all the more pleasant.

This Sfax museum includes a collection of ancient archaeological pieces discovered in the city and its surroundings (The ancient city of Thanae). These collections include pieces dating from the prehistoric, Roman and Islamic periods (Roman mosaics but also coins, ceramics and pieces of glassware).

Most of the collections are from the Roman period and come from the archaeological site of Thyna (Thaenae) located about twelve kilometers south of Sfax; but other sites (Taparura – the old Sfax, Louza, Mahres).

This museum is located in the municipality building and is accessible during the opening hours of municipal services.

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Sfax Archaeological Museum : Musée Archéologique de Sfax
Sfax Archaeological Museum : Musée Archéologique de Sfax

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