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Sand between the fingers or historical stones. You wish to organize your seminars in an original way in a 17th century attic or under a tent in the middle of the desert. You want to know another way of working and get away from your daily life. Tunisia Travel Guide has the capacity to organize you tailor-made, according to your desires, a seminar in the place which will make you dream and which will make you forget the routine of work. Sometimes a single place can simply inspire you and spark new and great ideas in you. It can also upset the way you see things, see your work and see life… Rich in these authentic places and the peace that reigns there, Tunisia is the ideal refuge. So don’t be afraid to embark on an adventure that will remain engraved on you and that will make you discover yourself and perhaps renew yourself in your field. Nothing is more soothing than finding yourself, far from your workplace, in an unusual place. Isn’t it also an opportunity to get to know your professional entourage better through a cultural discovery? A new office in a new place, such is the promise of new projects… With Tunisia Travel Guide, nothing is impossible and your satisfaction is our priority! Your ideas and your experiences are the keys to our success but also to yours. So tell us about your idea of an ideal office through our form below and we will do everything we can to ensure that each of the smallest details of your request is highlighted and scrupulously respects what you imagined!


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