Scuba Diving in Djerba

Even if The Scuba Diving in Djerba is not very famous and you are not in the Red Sea, Djerba offers you to explore its seabed, discover caves or even wrecks dating from the 2nd World War.

Djerba is an island off the coast of Tunisia that is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and diverse marine life, making it a popular destination for scuba diving. There are many dive centers located in the area that offer scuba diving trips, equipment rental, and certification courses. Some popular dive sites around Djerba include the Chergui Wreck, the Canyons, and the Reefs of La Galite Island, where divers can explore coral formations, shipwrecks, and a variety of marine species such as barracudas, moray eels, and sea turtles.

At a depth of more than 20 meters, discover an English freighter, tanks and gas masks… Meet groupers and make your stops in complete safety with a high-level instructor.

Whether you are a beginner, passionate about this sport, eager to explore the seabed or a confirmed diver, our team of professional instructors is available to all to adapt to your requests and offer you the best option.

Do not hesitate to come and train in complete safety with patented instructors in compliance with the standards in force.

The Scuba diving for beginners

Discover this amazing activity

Discover Scuba Diving is a set of 2 dives: 1 in the pool to learn the alphabets of diving, and one in the sea at a maximum depth of 6 meters.

This dive costs 60€ per person

Diving in pictures

Scuba Diving in Djerba : Plongée sous marine à Djerba
Scuba Diving in Djerba : Plongée sous marine à Djerba

Scuba diving in video

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