Quad biking in Ksar Ghilane

Quad biking in Ksar Ghilane in the desert is for those who love adventures and mechanical sports. The quad is a very good way to discover the Sahara… You can go anywhere and you don’t even have to be an expert. The only condition is to follow the instructions of the guide.

The quad is not very stable, be careful not to transform the adventure in the dunes into an experience in the hospital in Tunisia!
From a short one-hour outing to a raid lasting several days, everything is possible.

The ideal starting point is undoubtedly the oasis of Ksar Ghilane or Douz, the gateway to the desert, because you are immediately in the dunes: small white dunes in Douz and ocher dunes in Ksar Ghilane

If you are leaving for several days, we will be happy to organize bivouacs and supplies for you in partnership with our local travel agency “Départ Travel Services“.

In 2 days, from Ksar Ghilane, one can make a beautiful tour and spend the night at the Zmela camp. If you want to go longer you could go to Tembaïne, the Far South and enjoy a unique night at the Mars camp, or even at Houidhad Erriched lake (water source in the middle of the great eastern Erg, where it is necessary , at least a one week hike….

Always with a guide, you will cross the large dunes on the side of Houidhat Erriched (these are dunes that exceed 100 meters in height). You will have picnic lunches and in the evening, you will set up the tents in specific places chosen by your guides. Dinner will be prepared over a wood fire with Bedouin evenings and nights under the stars.

Quad biking in Ksar Ghilane in pictures

Randonnée en Quad à Ksar Ghilane
Randonnée en Quad à Ksar Ghilane

Quad biking in Ksar Ghilane in video

Quad biking on the map

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