Parachute in Djerba

Parchute in Djerba : A Glimpse of the island's Splendor

Embarking on an awe-inspiring adventure, imagine standing on the brink, gazing out over Djerba’s captivating landscape in Tunisia. With the wind as your companion and your heart racing, you’re about to experience a remarkable journey etched forever in memory – parachuting above the breathtaking vistas of Djerba.

The Leap into the Unknown: Thrills of Parachuting

Djerba, a charming island cradled by the Mediterranean Sea, offers more than just its pristine beaches and rich history. It provides a unique opportunity to witness its beauty from an entirely new angle. Parachuting aficionados and thrill-seekers alike converge on this island haven to embrace the unparalleled adrenaline rush of freefalling through the skies.

Aerial Canvas: Djerba’s Landscape Unveiled

Visualize ascending skyward within an aircraft, the panorama of Djerba’s coastline unfurling beneath you like an artist’s masterpiece. Upon reaching the optimal altitude, the aircraft’s door swings open, revealing an abyss of possibilities. An overwhelming sense of freedom takes hold as you bravely step into the void, guided solely by the currents of the wind.

Tandem Thrills: Safe Introduction to Skydiving

During your descent, Djerba’s natural wonders come alive in a mesmerizing display. The sun-kissed Mediterranean waters, the meticulously woven fields, and the island’s quaint architectural treasures all materialize before you, as you glide through the atmosphere with graceful elegance. This Tunisian gem takes on an entirely new dimension from the heavens, where every fleeting moment feels like an eternity of wonder.

For novices in the realm of parachuting, tandem jumps with seasoned instructors offer an exhilarating yet safe initiation to the sport. Securely fastened to your guide, you’ll partake in the adventure while they oversee the technical aspects, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Meanwhile, experienced skydivers find Djerba’s unique topography and moderate climate a prime setting to pursue their passion.

For Seasoned Skydivers: Djerba’s Allure for the Experienced

Whether you’re in pursuit of an unforgettable rush of adrenaline, a fresh outlook on a beloved locale, or the thrill of conquering the skies, parachuting in Djerba guarantees an unparalleled adventure. Embrace the unknown, spread your wings, and unveil the beauty of Djerba from a perspective few have ever encountered – from above, where the island’s allure converges with the limitless expanses of the sky.

Embracing the Skies: Unforgettable Adventures Await

Prepare to soar above Djerba, where the symphony of wind and your heart’s rhythm merge into a melody of exhilaration. As you take that daring leap and embrace the open skies, Djerba reveals its soul from a perspective reserved for the most intrepid explorers. Experience the magic, the thrill, and the sheer awe of parachuting in Djerba – an adventure that transcends ordinary boundaries and offers memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Enjoy a unique parachute experience and discover the island of  from the sky. With take-off and landing from your boat’s secure platform, you’ll soar above the sea for a bird’s-eye view of the island.

About the parachute in Djerba

  • Duration : 30 min
  • Departure Time: 9h – 11h – 14h -16h – 18h 
  • Pick up : Island of Djerba (our team picks you up wherever you are in Djerba)
  • Confirmation : immediate 
  • Type of transport : Parachute
  • round trip provided by our team.
  • Cancellation : See Terms and Conditions


  • Enjoy pick-up from your address in Djerba
  • Experience the adrenaline for 30min by parachute
  • Enjoy a boat ride at the same time, while the other participants enjoy their rides!
  • Admire the island from the sky
  • Take your chance to meet dolphins off the Mediterranean coast


Parasailing offers you a unique sensation accessible to all. A flight over Djerba to admire its varied landscapes and magnificent beaches.

This activity usually starts at the beach, where you are hooked to a sail and towed by a boat through a rope… But not anymore! With Tunisia Travel Guide and Depart Travel Services, enjoy a more secure but at the same time more interesting experience where take-off is not from the beach and you are not towed!

The experience we offer you offers more security, such as take-off and landing, starting directly from the boat and without any effort on your part! Only admire Djerba and enjoy the moment.

Get on board the boat and your pilot will start the ride in the big blue… It will be preferable that you are not the first to go on a parachute as this will give you more time to enjoy the ride at sea, the time than the others complete their experiments.

When your turn comes, the crew will take care of attaching you to the parachute, and from the existing platform on the boat, you will fly over the sky of Djerba in parasailing! Once the time has passed, a winch will take care of pulling you gently and bringing you back to the same take-off point on the boat.

The best, in my opinion, is that it will make you two in one! Not only a parachute experience in Djerba, but also a sea trip! The boat usually takes about ten people, so by the time the others have finished their parachute sessions, this will give you at least a 45-minute ride in the open sea of Djerba.

Good to Know

  • Children – 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!

Parachute in Djerba in Pictures

parachute à Djerba
parachute à Djerba

The parachute in video



  • Return transfer provided by our team
  • The life jackets
  • Soft drinks during the boat trip
  • Our assistance during the excursion

Personal expenses

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