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Medenine City

Medenine is a city located in southern Tunisia, in the Djeffara plain. It has been noticed as a tourist destination since 1999 as a result of the the shooting of the movie The Phantom Menace (Star Wars).
Since then, fans of the cult Star Wars series have come to Tunisia to discover this unique place in the world. It is also an interesting tourist destination if you are on Djerba, the main tourist island in the region.

Médenine occupies a central position 75 kilometers south of Gabès, 78 kilometers west of Ben Gardane and about fifty kilometers north of Tataouine.
Capital of the governorate of the same name, the city of Medenine is known for its ksours and its sets of half-cylindrical supply granaries called ghorfas: the first of them were built around the 17th century.

Medenine is a good starting point for exploring the country of Ksour. You can start from the center to discover a well-preserved ksar (singular of Ksour) (traditional fortified granary) which is used to seeing tourists when passing by bus or 4X4 during a quick visit (photo break).

We cannot talk about Medenine without mentioning Beni Khedache, a mountain village for which the expression “to be in the clouds” is 100% true. Indeed, impossible to miss a visit to Ksar Jouamaa, a hotel restaurant that dominates the summit, a stone fortress, which, with its authenticity and rare purity, will charm you and help you find peace within you, in a shivering and unique silence.

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Medenine is the place where you won’t get bored! Between the different Ksours, and the landscapes, one is amazed. Discover with us the essentials of  Medenine.

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