Ksar Ghilane Hot Spring

The Ksar Ghilane hot spring is a very important asset of the region.

Water has always been the source of life! Imagine then in the desert! where the climate is arid, and where temperatures exceed 50%.

In the middle of the sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see, life can also exist… A natural hot spring is found in Ksar Ghilane and has been used to create an oasis in the middle of nowhere!

This source of water springs all year round… It is used for entertainment for swimming but above all for irrigation of the oases created around…

Thanks to this source, now Ksar Ghilane is no longer a desert but an oasis where the greenery of the palm trees embraces the ocher color of the dunes…

This source has allowed the inhabitants to live off the date palms and fruit trees they plant, but it is also used for tourism.

No one can visit Ksar Ghilane without taking advantage of its sulfur-rich natural hot spring!

Next to the spring, the café has set up a space for changing clothes. The only problem is that the source is located between cafes and shops, which is not practical for modest people!

During their visits to the oasis people generally enjoy a quad or camel ride in the dunes. This means that they come back covered in sand and this is where swimming at the source becomes a real pleasure!

The Hot Spring in Pictures

Ksar Ghilane hot spring : La source d'eau chaude de Ksar Ghilane
Ksar Ghilane hot spring : La source d'eau chaude de Ksar Ghilane

The Hot Spring in Video

Ksar Ghilane Hot Spring on the map

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