Jebel Serj National Park

Jebel Serdj National Park is a national park in Tunisia located between the delegations of Siliana Sud (governorate of Siliana) and Oueslatia (governorate of Kairouan). It is part of the northern slope of Djebel Serj.

This 1,720 hectare park was created on March 29, 2010. It is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Jebel Serj has around a hundred Montpellier maples, a very rare species in Tunisia, but also specimens of Aleppo pine, kermes oak, wild olive, carob and more and more frequently Barbary cedar.

There are several mammals there, including the serval, wild boar, jackal, fox, mongoose, hare, hedgehog and particularly the striped hyena. Among the birds, we note the presence of the booted eagle, the ferocious buzzard, the peregrine falcon, the kestrel, the short-toed eagle, the gambra partridge and the turtle dove; the presence of the golden eagle is also reported.

On October 20, 2016, the park received 21 gazelles from Cuvier, welcoming a total of 43 representatives of this rare species.

Jebel Serdj National Park in pictures

Le parc national de Jebel Serdj
Le parc national de Jebel Serdj

Jebel Serdj in video

Jebel Serdj on the map

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