Jebel Chitana National Park

Cap Négro

Jbel Chitana National Park (Cap Négro) is a national park located on the northern coast of Tunisia, between Cap Serrat and the Sidi El Barrak dam. It is made up of the forest series of Jebel Chitana, which comes under the forest district of Bizerte, and that of Bellif, which comes under the forest district of Béja.

It extends over a total area of 10,122 hectares constituting a fenced integral protection zone, intended for the protection of the peat bog of Mejen Ech Chitan, the forest of Mhibès and the dam of Sidi El Barrak as well as the preservation endemic and rare plant and animal species, such as the white water lily among the flora and the Barbary deer among the fauna2.

The park is located in the lower humid bioclimatic stage with mild winters.

For several generations, a few families have practiced agriculture, animal husbandry and beekeeping in the Park. Aware of the great natural and cultural richness of the Park, these families have set themselves the objective of enhancing its potential by developing the production and marketing of organic fruit, vegetables and honey, as well as an agritourism and eco-tourism

Since 2005, they have been offering activities to help people discover the fauna and flora, the culture and traditional know-how, as well as the animal and plant production of the Park:

– Participation in agricultural activities (animal milking, honey extraction, harvesting of vegetables and wheat, extraction of essential oils, etc.);

– Hiking in the Park and environmental education;

– Sea trip with traditional fishermen;

– Tasting of organic products from the farm;

– Purchase of local products and visit to the weekly market

– etc…

Jbel Chitana National Park in pictures

Le parc national de Jebel Chitana Cap Negro
Le parc national de Jebel Chitana Cap Negro

Cap Negro in video

Jbel Chitana National Park on the map

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