Hammamet Carthage Land

Hammamet Carthage Land… Very large… magnificent separated into two spaces. Carthage land merry-go-round, which includes several distractions for children and adults, a small zoo area. and aqua land aquatic distractions, but communicating with Carthage land. ,

Carthage Land is the ultimate family amusement park. It is located in the center of the city of Hammamet and opens its arms to you for days of entertainment and leisure with qualified staff to make you live unforgettable moments.

With its kitsch cardboard village look and the huge sculptures of guards riding elephants that sit in front of the entrance, it’s hard to miss this amusement park! In a spirit of discovery through entertainment, a multitude of rides and activities take visitors through the history of Tunisia. A great way to have a good time, especially for children.

In Carthage Land, twenty themed attractions await you to relive the experience of Carthaginian times. Refresh yourself with a swim in the pool or slide down the slides at the Aqua Land park. Other attractions and cultural discoveries await you, such as Medina Voyages, Ali Baba, etc.

To share a crazy moment with your family, nothing better than a fascinating experience in Carthage Land.

Hammamet Carthage Land in pictures

Par d'attraction Carthage Land Hammamet
Par d'attraction Carthage Land Hammamet

Carthage Land in video

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