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Guermassa berber village

Guermassa berber village is a mountain village located about twenty kilometers from Tataouine in southern Tunisia.

The Berber village of Guermessa is famous for a traditional craft called margoum (embroidery), but women and young girls of recent generations have not taken up the torch due to changing lifestyles and the monopoly exercised by the industrial manufacturers.

Guermessa is one of the ksour of Tunisia. It also has cave dwellings.

The village of Guermessa, once an impregnable citadel, is one of the most spectacular sites in southeastern Tunisia.

Guermessa, abandoned citadel

Guermessa was once an impregnable citadel, located on a steep peak in the middle of the Dahar mountains in southeastern Tunisia.

The old village, now abandoned, is very extensive. It borders an eagle’s nest rock and a mountain ridge.
Its houses are partly carved into the rock: the first inhabitants of Guermessa were troglodytes. Some houses have a floor to store provisions.

In Guermessa there are survivals of very old traditions: a children’s cemetery, engravings and inscriptions to commemorate marriages.

Along with Chenini and Douiret, Guermassa is one of the most spectacular sites in the Tataouine region.

The berber village of Guermassa is well worth a visit. With Tunisia Travel Guide and Depart Travel Services, you have this opportunity.

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