Excursions in Tunis

Excursions in Tunis, to Tunis and from Tunis are so numerous and interesting.

As a result, you have the possibility, not only to book an excursion to discover Tunis and its surroundings, but also to go to the desert, to discover the oases and to travel in time through the ruins, the archaeological sites and the monuments. from the country.

Choose the outing that tempts you the most and enjoy an excursion at your own pace, in private and far from the big tourist buses.

During all excursions from Tunis you will be accompanied by a driver and a guide approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office.

Discover the spectacular historical treasures that Tunisia has to offer and start the day with an exploration of the archaeological site of Uthina.

Not much is known about Uthina, but the city had one of the largest Roman amphitheaters in North Africa, enjoyed by its cosmopolitan residents during the city’s heyday in the 2nd century, and it is still the greatest appeal to today’s traveler.

Take a guided walk inside the archaeological site and visit the almost fully restored amphitheater from Hadrian’s time, carved into the hillside and seating around 16,000 spectators, the grand Capitol, wedged on one side by five partially reconstructed columns, the Laberii baths, which take their name from an inscription found on a mosaic of Orpheus charming the animals, now in the Bardo museum in Tunis. The nearby Bains des Anges de Pêche still has a beautiful semi-circular mural mosaic in situ, depicting cherubs throwing poles and nets into a fish-laden stream.

After which, re-board your 4*4 vehicle and drive to ZRIBA OLIA, an abandoned Berber village built in the 17th century but deserted in the 1960s, leaving behind ruins that can now be explored. Upon arrival, enjoy a trek through many rooms and buildings and a typical local lunch (no alcohol can be served) at DAR ZRIBA.

Excursions are offered by Tunisian travel agencies approved by the Tourist Office and are offered by online activity leaders such as GetYourGuide and Viator 

Excursions in Tunis
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