Excursions in Tozeur

Excursions in Tozeur, to Tozeur and from Tozeur are numerous and interesting.

Therefore, you have the possibility, not only to book an excursion to discover Tozeur and its surroundings, but also to go to the desert, to discover the oases and to travel in time through the ruins, the archaeological sites and the monuments of the country.

The city of Tozeur offers activities, hikes, treks and ecotourism circuits throughout southern Tunisia and in the eastern Sahara desert.
Our collaborators, these men passionate about Tunisia and connoisseurs of the Berber and nomadic culture of the Sahara will be your companions in the Tunisian south.

An unforgettable desert experience, encounters with endearing characters, breathtaking landscapes. This is what we will make you discover during your excursions or your circuits from Tozeur.

Without the flow of tourists characteristic of the north of the country, the desert and the Tunisian oases are available to travelers who love the most beautiful places in southern Tunisia.

Choose the outing that tempts you the most and enjoy an excursion at your own pace, in private and away from the big tourist buses.

During all outings from Tozeur you will be accompanied by a driver and a guide approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office. Excursions are offered by Tunisian travel agencies approved by the Tourist Office and are offered by online facilitators such as Depart Travel Services, GetYourGuide and Viator

Excursions in Tozeur and in Tunisia
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