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Chak-Wak Park and Museum

The Chak-Wak Park and Museum is an entertainment and culture park, located in the heart of the largest palm grove in Tunisia, the oasis of Tozeur.

The museum is a space of five hectares, fifty dinosaurs and a hundred animal, humanoid and human figurines, mini-museums, caves, huts, all scattered in lush oasis vegetation. The “Chak-Wak” is intended to be a reconstruction of the History of the Earth and of Humanity according to science and the different religions.

The excursion begins with the Big Bang, the formation of the Earth, then he talks about geological areas, there is a stopover with the dinosaurs.
We can also relive great historical events such as the flood in Noah’s ark, the sacrifice of Abraham, the crossing of the Red Sea by Moses, the birth of Jesus and the dawn of Islam.

sahara festival

The visit is therefore not a simple walk in the oasis but rather a reading in the great open-air book of the history of humanity and the secrets of nature and the discovery of the wonders of the history of the creation of the world, of humanity, of monotheistic and polytheistic civilizations and religions.

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