Cape Sidi Ali El Mekki

Cape Sidi Ali El Mekki, located in northern Tunisia, serves as the picturesque entrance to the Gulf of Tunis. Situated near the city of Ghar El Melh, it lies approximately fifty kilometers away from Tunis and Bizerte.

A Place of Spiritual Significance

The cape and the beautiful sandy beach adjacent to the zaouïa (mausoleum) of the same name hold great significance. In ancient times, the cape was known as the Promontory of Apollo. It derives its name from a marabout (a Muslim religious figure) who resided there, and his tomb still stands today. Devotees visit the site to seek the saint’s intercession, engaging in various ceremonies such as circumcisions. Lighting candles serves as an act of devotion. The small area, spanning about 150 m2, includes a cave where a delicate trickle of water flows. Nearby, several other caves associated with saints can be found.

Historical Refuge and Natural Beauty

Starting from October 1942 during the Second World War, Cape Sidi Ali El Mekki provided shelter for numerous families from Ghar El Melh when German troops retreated in the face of Allied forces.

The cape also boasts a unique ecosystem and is particularly known for its remarkable flora. The southern orientation of Ghar El Melh and the nearby mountain provide favorable conditions for vegetation growth. The fertile land supports market gardening, allowing visitors to purchase fresh seasonal vegetables directly from local farmers working in the fields. They take pride in hand-picking the finest produce for you.

The Beach and Beyond

During the summer, the beach attracts many visitors, creating a lively and family-friendly atmosphere, especially on weekends. As you explore further along the coast, you’ll discover secluded spots for swimming, where crystal-clear waters and the scent of the maquis (Mediterranean scrubland) surround you. To avoid sunburn, it is advisable to visit the mausoleum of Sidi Ali El Mekki, a mere 20 minutes away from the beach, during quieter seasons or in the early morning.

For hiking enthusiasts, the area provides exceptional opportunities. Follow the path of the goats to the tip of Cap Farina, where refreshing breezes and an unforgettable panoramic view await you. If you’re up for a challenge, climb the crest of the hills and seek shade under the pine trees. From this vantage point, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas, including the Plane and Pilau islands, as well as a bird’s-eye view of the northern flank of Jbel, with its lush green forests extending towards Raf Raf.

Sidi Ali El Mekki invites you to explore its spiritual, historical, and natural treasures, offering a truly enchanting experience on the coast of Tunisia.

Sidi Ali El Mekki in pictures

Sidi Ali El Mekki Bizerte
Sidi Ali El Mekki Bizerte

Sidi Ali in video

The cape on the map

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