camel ride in Ksar Ghilane Tunisia Travel Guide

Camel ride in Ksar Ghilane

The camel ride in Ksar Ghilane is one of the activities most requested by visitors. This walk allows you to cross the sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see, admire the desert and live like a local.

Are they dromedaries or camels in Tunisia ??

Contrary to what is said, there are no camels in Tunisia (2 humps), but dromedaries (1 hump). About 2 to 3 million years ago, the ancestor of the dromedary entered the African continent. It was not until the 2nd century BC, however, that humans began to interact with it.

The dromedary, called Jmel in Arabic, is also called the desert vessel. He provided, again, extraordinary help to nomads and desert people. It is used, among other things, as a means of transport and goods or even for agricultural work, as it can withstand extreme temperatures and survive for weeks without a drop of water.

It is also prized for its leather, milk, meat and hair that keep you warm at night. The people of the desert also train dromedaries for races, very popular events in the East, especially the annual Douz festival which takes place in December each year and which attracts many camel racing enthusiasts.

Dromedaries are majestic animals known to be very intelligent, patient, endowed with good memories, but also stubborn and cranky. The dromedaries move slowly but with confidence, and are very leggy, which is very pleasant during the walks.

Enjoy a camel ride with nomads to experience what the people of the desert have been experiencing for millennia. An unforgettable ride for young and old. A real Saharan experience.

How much does the camel ride cost in Ksar Ghilane ??

Like all activities, the price depends on the provider but also on the duration of the ride. As an example here are the most common prices:

1H ride : 10 euros / 30 Dinars:

Camel ride in Ksar Ghilane is intended for discovery. You will go to the dunes with a nomad to be able to live the experience and admire the landscapes. The one-hour ride is reserved especially by visitors who make the 1-day ksar Ghilane excursion from Djerba as it is an excursion rich in visits and that they do not have time to do more.

2H ride : 20 euros / 60 Dinars:

This walk is rather reserved by visitors who make a circuit or who book the 2-day Ksar Ghilane excursion with a night in a tent. Sleeping there allows you to take your time and enjoy more of the desert and the camels. The walk is especially reserved at sunset time in order to enjoy this magical moment in the heart of the dunes. During the 2-hour camel ride in Ksar Ghilane, your guide will accompany you across the dunes to the Tisavar fort located approximately 1 hour from your starting point.

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