Bouhedma National Park

Bouhedma National Park is located in the center of Tunisia, between the governorate of Gafsa and that of Sidi Bouzid (85 km east of Gafsa and 105 km west of Sfax), on the Orbata- Bou Hedma of the Saharan Atlas.

This park covers 16,448 hectares, it represents the second Tunisian natural park in terms of area.

It is a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO as a model area reconciling biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The various developments of the Park as well as the geomorphological, edaphic and environmental diversities of Bouhedma have favored the installation of a relatively rich flora adapted to the conditions prevailing in the different environments.

Among the species inventoried, several of them represent an important conservation issue for Tunisia or for the Maghreb. There are 8 of the 14 species of Central and South Tunisia recognized as first priority for protection by the National Study of Biological Diversity of Tunisia.

These are: Acacia raddiana, Juniperus phoenicea, Pistacia atlantica, Thymelaea sempervirens, Tatrepogon villosus, Tricholaena tenerzffae and two regressing grasses of high pastoral value Cenchrus ciliaris, Digitaria communtata.

Indeed the grasslands of Bouhedma National Park are part of the last savannahs in North Africa. The main plant species in the park is the acacia rad Diana.

The animal species that the Bouhedma shelters are part of the characteristic fauna of the Sahara and the arid Mediterranean regions, including elements that have been destroyed elsewhere in Tunisia. Endangered species include the Addax, African Ostrich and Mhorr’s Gazelle…

On its 16,000 hectares, several avian species have taken up residence there (ostriches, European orioles, hoopoe, desert sirli, eagle owls, partridge gambra…), dozens of species of reptiles and mammals ( chameleon, Greek tortoise, tarantula, desert agama, cobra, viper, desert monitor lizard, addax antelope, Dorcas gazelle, mouflon…).

Bouhedma National Park in pictures

Le Parc National de Bouhedma
Le Parc National de Bouhedma

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Bouhedma on the map

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