The Archaeological Museum of El Jem

The Archaeological Museum of El Jem is located in city of El Jem, also known as Thysdrus. It was founded in 1970 and underwent renovation in 2002.

In terms of location and accessibility, the museum is situated near the first amphitheatres of the ancient Thysdrus.

The last and largest amphitheatre, which is also the best-preserved, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Access to the museum is granted upon presentation of the amphitheatre entrance ticket.

The museum offers a presentation that includes a  collection of Roman mosaics.

These mosaics cover the period from the 2nd to the 5th century.

This collection consists of numerous pieces that were discovered in the city.

Visiting the El Jem Archaeological Museum

Visiting the El Jem Archaeological Museum is highly recommended, as it is located off the beaten tourist path. The museum exudes a calm atmosphere and boasts successful museography.

The vast mosaics are well-preserved and display their intact colors in the soft light of day. 

Recently, the museum doubled its surface area and exhibits mosaics that have never before been exposed.

In addition, the museum showcases mosaics featuring geometric ornaments or figurative scenes,

These representations of daily life are typical of African mosaics.

Although the cohesion of the decor and the animals is somewhat awkward, the wild animals are treated with rich colors and subtle gradients.

Expert Recommendations

According to specialists, it is recommended to visit this museum before exploring other vestiges of the ancient city of  El Jem.

This is because the museum houses numerous architectural elements that were part of the decoration of sumptuous Thysdritain homes and public buildings..

The museum exhibits objects such as sculptures, mosaic paintings, ceramics, and more.

Furthermore, the museum provides direct access to an “archaeological park” comprising the remains of the so-called “peacock” villa and Sollertiana..

In the same area, a life-size reconstruction of the “House of Africa,” has been carried out.

The Archaeological Museum of El Jem in pictures

Site archéologique d'Althiburos
Site archéologique d'Althiburos

El Jem Museum in video

The museum on the map

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