wild bivouac excursion | Wild bivouac in the Tunisian desert

Wild bivouac

The wild bivouac excursion in Tunisia shows that camels are essential for walking in the desert. Obviously, in the desert you can only find what you bring, camels are tireless walkers and they can carry up to 300 kg of luggage… And for the bivouac excursion in Tunisia you need tents, mattresses, blankets, food, water, and all the material for the kitchen… Of course they also carry your bags. You can walk light!

At a minimum, you can do this experience for just one night.
Although the duration is short, it will leave you with unforgettable memories and will surely make you want to come back for longer.

You will leave with the dromedaries and their camel drivers in the afternoon, around 3 a.m. in winter, around 4:30 p.m. when it is warmer.

For 1h30 or 2 hours you will walk (on the dromedaries or next to it… you have the choice).
Then, before nightfall, your camel drivers will set up the bivouac and you can help find the wood to make the fire.

When night has fallen, it’s time to enjoy a delicious couscous by the wood fire.
After dinner, it is the preparation of the traditional green tea. Traditionally it is during the tasting of the tea that we talk, that we tell, that we sing…

When you go to bed you have to find your place to sleep. According to your desire, the temperature, the wind, you choose to sleep under the tent or under the stars. When the weather is clear, most of the time, the sky is extraordinary. At night, without light pollution, the stars are incredibly numerous. The silence is total…
For your comfort we provide tents, mattresses and 2 blankets / person. If possible bring a sleeping bag, if you don’t have one we have some to lend…

When you wake up, at sunrise, breakfast is ready. A good smell of bakery!!! the flatbread baked in the sand, it is eaten hot with jam, cheese, olive oil and biscuits… A treat.
Then, after breakfast, it’s time to set off again and return to the starting point.

The wild bivouac in pictures

The night in bivouac in vidéo

The bivouac on the map


This price is based on at least 4 people. Other people might join you.

This price will change from 01/01/2023. Any booking made before this date will benefit from the current rate even if it is in 2023

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